Coaching Programs for Nursing Students

Know more about the coaching programs which Medlogy has for first year students.
Currently we have program for Physiology. Anatomy and Biochemistry will be coming soon.


Here are the topics to be covered in the coaching

General Physiology
Nerve Muscle Physiology
Blood & Immune System
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Digestive System
Reproductive System
Renal System
Endocrine System
Central Nervous System
Special Senses
Applied Physiology

Our Coaching Programs

Here are the coaching programs. Choose on the basis of your needs of intensity.

2 Months
₹ 2,000
₹ 4,000

On Board Drawings

Flow Charts

Interactive Sessions

Total Hours : 20

Max Strength : 20

Recommended for students of Regular Batch

2 Weeks
₹ 5,000
₹ 10,000

On Board Drawings

Flow Charts

Intensive Interactive Sessions


Learning through Videos

Printed Study Materials

Personal Clarification of Doubts

Discussion of Practical Examinations

Total Hours : 20

Max Strength : 4

Highly Recommended for students with suplimentary in Physiology.