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RSS Physiology Mam

  • Effect of Stannius Ligature on Frog’s Heart
    The video explains in detail the Effect of Stannius Ligature on Frog’s Heart . This is a topic of Amphibian Experiment for first Year Medical and Dental Students.
  • Chemical Sensations – Smell
    This lecture describes about the smell sensation, it’s pathway, and transduction in detail. It also describes about the abnormalities of smell.
  • Chemical Sensations – Taste
    This lecture describes about the taste sensation , it’s pathway, neuronal coding and different abnormalities.
  • Ascending Tracts
    Learn about Dorsal Column Tract, Pain Pathway, Modulation of Pain, Cortical Somatotopy & Plasticity.
  • Somatosensory Receptors
    Learn about the different types of somatosensory receptors and their properties in detail.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid & Brain ventricular system
    Hey Guys! as now we have enlightened ourselves with basic neuroanatomy and special features of spinal cord lets us move to the special fluid present within and around the CNS and the special barriers present there.  Hope you would have guessed about the topics on which we would be discussing. So, lets go ahead. As […]
  • Spinal cord and Sensory receptors
    Hey, Guys! Hope you would have been clear with the basic terms and structures of neuroscience from my previous blog Neuroanatomy-basic concept. Here in this section, we would be gaining knowledge regarding the detailed feature of the spinal cord and structures associated with it. The spinal cord is the lowest long cylindrical part of the […]
  • Neuroanatomy- Basic concepts
    Hey, Guys! lets me tell you what you would be clear with by the end of this section. Here in this section, we would be clear with the Organization of the Nervous System and the role played by them. So, let’s start! Organization of Nervous System Basic functions of central nervous system To collect the […]
  • Omega-3 for Vegans
    Fishes and Fish oils have long been and are considered as the very rich source of Omega-3 PUFA throughout the world which lies to be very true and supported with loads of research article and blogs. But the question remains what for the vegans who would not like to take fish or are uncomfortable in […]